Full with colour pictures and detailed historical accounts, this book tells the true and remarkable story of the Clinton name and its passage through time from 1066 to the present day. Surrounding each famous Clinton is an original potted history of the event of the times with an intriguing take on what you may have heard previously.

1066 - The Battle of Hastings
Enter the first Clinton, famous knight William Clinton whose descendants rose to become a force in the English aristocracy, one of whom became a prime minister of England.

1127 - The Secret Scrolls
Enter Bishop Roger Clinton, Bishop of Coventry, holding the secret scroll of the early life of Jesus before Jesus returned to Jerusalem to start his ministry.

1306 - The Knights Templar
Baron John Clinton orders the largest ever investiture of Knights Templar at New Temple in London. One year later he warns the Templars in France about their impending destruction before the event, which lead indirectly to the birth of the Mormon Church in America.

1330 - The Robin Hood Connection
William Lord Clinton, Earl of Huntingdon holds the same title of that held by the famous Robin Hood, who was dispossessed of his title by the Normans.

1657 - The Clintons Sail for America
The last English ancestry of Americas' first president George Washington sails for America. Preceded by the last English ancestry of President George Bush, followed by the first Clintons to sail to the Americas.

1795 - The War of Independence
Sir Henry Clinton commander of His Majesty's Forces in North America leaves England to take on George Washington during the war of Independence.

1800 - Irish Ancestry
The Clinton's love of Ireland lead to appointment to high office in Ireland before part of the Clinton sailed for the Americas.

Present Day - Bill and Hillary Clinton
An up and coming President of America changed his name to William Clinton going on to become one of the most successful and most loved Presidents in the history of America.




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